Using the « Perfony for Outlook » add-in

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Once you are connected as we saw in the section « Installing the Perfony for Outlook Add-on », you can open the Perfony panel at any time by clicking on the icon in Outlook bar.

This add-on offers you 3 main features which are presented as a tab at the top of the Perfony panel of your Outlook:

  • Consult your action plan
  • Transform an email into Perfony actions
  • Participate in a discussion in Perfony’s comments.

1/ consult your Perfony action plan in Outlook

The first of the 3 tabs, allows you to view your action plan, i.e. the personal list of actions that you have to carry out which also specifies the due dates, potential delays, priorities, progress/ status and attachments linked to actions.

At the top, a selector allows you to sort your actions according to the following parameters:

  • Title of the action
  • State of progress / status
  • Priority
  • Due Date
  • Name of the folder to which it is attached.

2/ Transforming an email into an action in your Perfony

The second tab of the Perfony for Outlook panel allows you to add a new Perfony action from your Outlook with a single click.

This is a very practical feature whenever you receive a message asking you to perform or initiate a certain action.

By clicking on the tab, a pre-filled action template appears. The email subject is proposed as the title for the action and the email content is added to the action’s additional information.

You can change what’s proposed, as well as adding other information:

  • A priority
  • A due date
  • A person responsible for the action
  • A link to a folder (the action will be added by default to your to do list)

Click on « Create » and it is done. To be sure, go back to the « My actions » tab of the « Perfony for Outlook » panel. If you are the person responsible, your action will already appear there.

3/ Participating in a discussion in the Perfony comments section

You will need to make a small adjustment to make this tab work.

Go to the Perfony space (you can use the link at the bottom right of the « Perfony for Outlook » panel), then access your preferences menu by clicking on your avatar and choose « Notifications ».

Make sure that the function notifying you of added comments is enabled.

Now that it’s checked, let’s go back to the Perfony Panel in your Outlook.

The third tab, « Comment », is only active when you receive emails alerting you about a new comment related to you in Perfony.

This tab allows you to retrieve the history of comments shared concerning the meeting, action or folder in question, and allows you to respond without having to leave your inbox.