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Perfony allowed us to reduce the number of emails by 100!


As the main distribution network operator in France, GRDF transports natural gas to more than 11 million customers every day. GRDF designs, operates and maintains the largest distribution network in Europe (198,886 km) and develops it in more than 9,500 municipalities, guaranteeing the safety of people and property and the quality of distribution.

Perfony has been deployed at the Ile de France Customer Department, and particularly at the Management and Steering Delegation. Marc Bourion is in charge of the tertiary purchasing department (ordering seminars, membership of various organisations or associations, partnerships) and is responsible for managing nearly 4 million euros in orders.



The company

The client’s needs

What are the challenges of a purchasing department?

Orders must be completed on time.

Meet supplier payment deadlines based on contracts

Simplify exchanges with other Delegations

Management Assistant – Delegation Management

What’s at stake

The solution implemented with Perfony for GRDF

Perfony was set up in early 2016. Our research focused on a reliable tool that could allow us to track the progress of the purchasing process and thus avoid tensions with the delegations giving orders.

We have really succeeded in integrating the use of Perfony into the process and now each purchase request is created in Perfony in the folder corresponding to each Delegation. The unique identification number generated by Perfony must appear on the “expression of needs form” issued by a requesting Delegation. This number is also required on purchase orders, so that in case of difficulty, even suppliers can give it to us and we can easily find out what it is about.

For monitoring, we share common management rules. For example, a 20% action is a purchase requisition that has been seen but not yet processed, over 50% is that processing is underway, etc… 80% of the processed purchase requisitions are waiting for validation by the controller in the management system.
From now on, a payment request is only taken into account when the Delegation has formulated it as a comment on the action in Perfony.

In the good practices section, we also share a common nomenclature for naming the actions “supplier name / event name / amount”. It allows you to be extremely efficient and you know where you stand, sometimes without even having to open an action.

Finally, comments are used to exchange on the status of orders. No more emails that get lost or don’t go away and therefore no more disputes; it’s social appeasement. Same with attachments, this part allows us to group all the documents related to a purchase in one place.

You have too many e-mails too?

Try Perfony, it’s free and without credit card for 15 days!


The benefits of Perfony to manage purchases

It is a very simple tool that ensures the same level of information to everyone and allows everyone to react.

It is a reliable tool, in case of doubt or disagreement, we look at what is said in Perfony. He's our reference.

Perfony is a communication tool. We've decreased the number of e-mails by 100.

The little time it takes is a lot of time to win.

On the settlement indicators, we now know why things are moving forward or not.

Today, after a period of implementation, everyone agrees that it's worth it.

Discover in video, how GRDF uses Perfony to manage its purchasing process.