What if your reports were doing it all by themselves?

Voice recognition, artificial intelligence… discover how Perfony takes care of your meeting minutes.

No need to write: dictate your reports!

Perfony includes a powerful voice recognition feature to allow you to dictate your report rather than typing it in. It’s easier and faster!

This technology, developed in partnership with Microsoft, will radically change the way you conduct meetings!

Structure your thinking with the R.I.D.A. Method

“Statement of Information, Decisions and Actions”: this is the purpose of good meeting minutes. It must allow participants and even absentees to retrieve data classified according to these 3 criteria: information, decision or action.

Perfony allows you to identify each of these categories at first glance in a full report, and also offers you to find all decisions and actions in a decision statement and action plan.

Increase your reporting with Artificial Intelligence

Make the transition to R.I.D.A. easy for you with intelligent functionality that detects actions and decisions for you, then identifies them in the report and automatically classifies them in the Record of Decision and Action Plan.

Relevant and systematic reporting without complicating the task? This is the promise of Perfony.

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One more thing

Because the lack of minutes is one of the major causes of inefficiency in meetings, Perfony gives you many ways to remedy this.

Did you know that it is possible to create your own report templates?

And if your company imposes a very specific model, contact us and we will import it for you in accordance with your organization’s specific requirements.