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Perfony is a simple tool for managing every day work without sacrificing compliance to quality requirements.

More powerful than a task manager, but much simpler than a project management tool, Perfony allows you to:

The tool to make action plans and meetings simpler


Enjoy a 30 day free trial of Perfony and everything will become easier!


iPerfony the tool for your actions plan

Corporate Calendar

The corporate calendar allows you to store all your meetings (internal and external) in one space.

OneDrive for Perfony

The link with OneDrive allows you to import documents to your iPerfony for meetings or folders.


Office 365 Addin

Want to manage your iPerfony space from your Outlook? Try it!

Custom reports

You need accurate indicators for your reports? We suggest you use Perfony custom reports

Outlook plugin

Would you like to simplify the task? Work from Outlook on your iPerfony space.


Why Perfony ?

Gain time

Our customers tell us of a gain of around 30%. Referring to the study published in 2014 which demonstrates that a management team will spend 16 years of their professional life in meetings, this equates to 5 years of life that we offer you. This is concrete, not just theoretical!

Earn money

Make better decisions by having access to the right information at the right time and as a result everyone will fulfill their actions quicker. Perfony will save you lots of money.

Gain comfort

Your teams will constantly know what they have to do. The tool helps you focus your efforts on the actions and the people who need it most. It provides a means of motivation and appreciation for everyone.