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Perfony simplifies communications between headquarters and dealerships!


The BMW Group is a manufacturer of high quality cars and motorcycles with 134,000 employees in more than 30 countries.

In 2018, the group produced and sold nearly 2.5 million cars under its three brands: BMW, Mini and Roll’s Royce and more than 130,000 BMW Motorrad motorcycles, confirming its position as a world leader and its reputation for excellence in its sector.

Since the end of 2018, Perfony has been deployed in the BMW, BMW Motorrad and Mini brand sites, in particular with District Managers, to help manage the activity between headquarters and the dealerships.



The Company

Customer Needs

What are the challenges of a management advisor?

Managing a wide variety of actions

Interacting with a very large number of different parties involved

Ensuring relevant, consistent and reliable information

Blandine DATAR
Management Advisor
BMW Motorrad

The issues at stake

What is a management advisor?

My job is to help dealers in their daily work. Our scope of involvement is extremely wide and therefore we work in pairs: inventory management, profitability, customer committees, real estate projects, representation of the brand’s standards in dealerships, etc. We have to be in contact with a lot of people, both in our dealerships, and in the team at headquarters (district managers, after-sales representatives, marketing department…), because of the diversity of these subjects.

Perfony, was introduced at the end of 2018 and has since helped us to circulate information to all these people, without forgetting anyone at all. Thanks to the folder-based approach to which all parties are connected, we are sure to have the same level of information and everyone can react to the subjects assigned to them, thanks to the comments system, without overloading their mailboxes.

A network of agencies to run?

Try Perfony, it’s free and without need to use a credit card for 15 days!

What advice would you give in order to set up Perfony succesfully?

Crucially, use a common terminology and a common definition of what actions, folders and themes are to ensure that you all speak the same language.

You can also help yourself with a list of names of actions, folders and even documents that you can join as an attachment.

This has become a necessary prerequisite to be able to deploy Perfony at dealers.

Perfony works with us to maximize the potential success of the project. For example, we started by poorly structuring our set-up, but thanks to the vigilance of our Perfony project manager, we were able to simplify our organization of files thanks to classifying them by themes. I found it interesting how easy it was to redesign our Perfony.

The deployment process


The benefits of Perfony for working with a network

It is a very simple tool that ensures that everyone has the same level of information and allows everyone to react

I found it interesting how easy it was to redesign Perfony. It was really very fast.

It is a very powerful tool, which allows folders to be structured in a consistent way.

Perfony ensures a good flow of information, without forgetting anyone, while at the same time reducing the volume of emails

I kept the email notifications because I like the "alert" aspect

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