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Limit the change in habits, complete already existing tools thanks to its integrations, Perfony simplifies your work.

Office 365 + Perfony = Perfony 365

Perfony, a Microsoft Partner publisher


Since 2016, Perfony has been working in collaboration with Microsoft to offer an innovative work experience to Office 365 users.

Perfony offers several connectors and plugins dedicated to the Microsoft environment, available in the AppSource, which we have grouped under the name “Perfony 365”.

The “Perfony 365” offer: a catalogue of connectors to make working easier





Connect with Office365

Learn more about Perfony 365 integrations

Structure your work in Google Suite


Perfony automatically synchronizes your Perfony calendar with Google Calendar

SSO identification

Sign in to your Perfony space using only your Google Suite account;

Share on Drive

Share your documents on Drive easily with Perfony

Try Perfony, connect your Google Suite tools and get your team off the ground!

Connect all the tools you want

Exporting data to other applications

With Perfony, you can easily share your work thanks to the various export features, and in different formats: export action plans, export meeting minutes, share calendars…

Documentary sharing in Perfony

Connect your document sharing and Perfony to avoid duplicates and versioning problems with shared files.
In addition to connectors to SharePoint or GoogleDrive, Perfony connects with most document sharing solutions such as DropBox or

Single Sign on: Login to Perfony without an extra password!


Perfony offers the possibility to all users of the SAML 2.0 protocol to set up a personalized identification system.

Log in to your Perfony space with your Office 365 or Google Suite login details.

You’re not using either of them? Perfony can create your own SSO

How about you? With which application do you want to connect Perfony?

Do not hesitate to ask us, we will be very happy to take up the challenge for you.