Stay up to date in your projects using Perfony in Outlook

Without leaving Outlook discover how to manage your action plans and follow the progress of all your projects.


Manage your action plans in Outlook

The Perfony extension allows you to display your Perfony action plans directly in your Outlook.

A simple solution to manage your activity, update actions or create new ones without having to leave your mailbox!

Do you get an e-mail notification that an action is over? In two clicks your action plan is up to date.

Turn an email into action in one click

A colleague or your manager sends you an e-mail asking you to do something. In order not to forget it and to control the progress of this action, transform the email received into action with a single click in the Outlook Perfony panel.

The action is pre-filled with the data detected in the content of the email and all you have to do is validate it.

No more lost action in overloaded mailboxes!

Turn your emails into real discussion feeds

“You have received a new message ” We have all already noticed how little interest there is in this type of email.

That’s why the Perfony add-on for Outlook increases the power of email alerts tenfold since it gives you access not only to the content of the new message, but also to its context (folders, meetings or actions) as well as to previous messages in the flow and above all allows you to reply directly without having to leave your email.

A simple email alert becomes a real thread of exchanges to respond more quickly and in a detailed manner to your teams.

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One more thing

Did you know that it is also possible to display your Perfony meetings in your Outlook calendar?

By synchronizing your two agendas, you can avoid taking two meetings at the same time!