Create simple and systematic reports really useful!

Find out how Perfony allows you to create reports quickly and easily.

Duplicate a recurring report

If every week your minutes have the same format as those of the previous meeting, why start from a blank page each time?

With the button ” Insert previous statement “, you just have to modify the changing elements, KPIs etc… to quickly obtain the desired rendering.


Structure your report around the agenda

Because your meeting is well prepared, you have shared with all participants the different items that will be dealt with in a clearly established agenda.

Unsurprisingly, your report will therefore take up this structure that you have organized.

Perfony proposes to insert directly this agenda to give a structuring framework to your report.

Standardize your minutes according to your meetings

You can even share them with other members of your organization to disseminate your good practices.

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One more thing

Did you know that it is also possible to create customised reports to comply with the charters imposed in your organisation?
Do you have a mandatory reporting template? Contact us and we will explain how we help our clients to systematize their meeting minutes while remaining compliant with company standards.