Boost the power of Perfony with Office 365

Take your Office 365 tools into a new dimension. Discover a new experience of teamwork with the Perfony and Office 365 integrations: Outlook, Teams, Onedrive, Sharepoint…



Follow your actions without leaving your mailbox

Turn an email into action in 1 click

Find your threads and reply to comments

Synchronize agendas



Link channels and folders to plan actions

Synchronize the discussion threads and encourage exchanges.

Manage your own shares and those of your teams

Control the action plans with the list, KANBAN or GANTT views.

Do you use Microsoft products?
…So are we!

Perfony has set itself the goal of simplifying life at work and since more than 80% of our customers use Office 365, we wanted to be present in your environment on a daily basis.

Being a Microsoft Partner means providing our customers with the best guarantees of :




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Perfony in the Microsoft environment

Perfony 365, a series of connectors to enhance the Office 365 experience

Microsoft Office is deeply rooted in the practices of most of our customers.
Because we are aware of the constraint that the implementation of a new tool represents for the users, Perfony wished to integrate as much as possible in the existing habits to allow each one to progress at his own pace in the discovery of all functionalities.
For example, thanks to the unique identifier, it is not necessary to memorize a new password to log in. Moreover, with the Teams and Outlook plugins, it is not even necessary to connect to Perfony anymore. You can work directly in your usual applications.
Don’t hesitate any longer, discover the power of the Office 365 and Perfony alliance to boost your efficiency!

Outlook Synchronization

SSO Office 365

Onedrive and Sharepoint

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