Save 8 hours a week!

A solution full of common sense and AI to efficiently manage your projects, actions and meetings

The future of meetings is already here!


Perfony revolutionises the way you collaborate by recording your exchanges and automatically transforming your meetings into a full report.

Whether you’re in a hurry, precise or detail-oriented, Perfony adapts to your needs by providing a summary, action list and thematic organisation, all generated instantly by our specialist productivity AI.

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The power of Artificial Intelligence to transform collaborative work

Perfony embeds and offers you Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence services:


  • Azure AI Speech for voice transcription of meetings and actions.
  • Azure AI Service, which turns part of a meeting report into an action.
  • Azure OpenAI Service GPT3.5 Turbo for the Perfony assistant and meetings.

Voice recognition

Record your meetings and Perfony will automatically create the minutes, thanks to the power of voice recognition.

Find the minutes of all your meetings without effort.

Cognitive services

Perfony analyzes meeting minutes to extract decisions on the one hand and actions to be taken on the other.

The record of decisions and the action plan are automatically updated.

Decision support

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence to make better decisions and turn your strategic plans into operational actions to achieve your goals.


Interact with your digital workspace with the conversational bot.

For example, ask him to add actions, deadlines or people in charge…



Perfony is an innovative collaborative solution in the fast-growing Collaborative Work Management (CWM) market. What sets us apart from the competition is our unique feature that lets you generate meeting minutes at the click of a button! Whether you’re in any job or any industry, Perfony has been specially designed to save you time and give you unrivalled peace of mind.


✏️ Planning work activities

👥 Working with colleagues

💬 Optimising meetings

⚙️ Automate repetitive activities

🚀 Manage your actions with dashboards

📈 Duplicating large-scale operations


✉️ Reduces the volume of e-mails and simplifies the monitoring of action plans.

🔄 Automates the complete monitoring of action plans, without the need for Excel or spreadsheets.

📝 Meets audit requirements and facilitates regulatory reporting.

🚀 Facilitates cross-functional project management.

📈 Transforms decisions into tangible actions and enables results to be monitored (OKR/KPI).

🤝 Aligns teams around common objectives and promotes collaboration in business processes.

🧠 Reduces the mental workload associated with managing action plans and decisions taken in meetings.

👁️‍🗨️ Improves decision-making by providing a complete and rapid view of all projects.

Networks and distribution

Leading a network of sales outlets, managing relations between head office and the branches, facilitating feedback from the field...

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Networks and distribution

Put yourself in the shoes of Catherine Vevert, Regional Director at "Greenride", and find out how Perfony can help you run a network of sales outlets, manage marketing expenditure, and facilitate exchanges with the various departments at head office...

Project Management

Steering projects, distributing actions, monitoring progress, identifying delays, monitoring budgets, managing priorities...

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Project Management

Take the place of Sophie Ruffer, Project Manager at "Europarc". Find out how she uses Perfony to manage her various projects, monitor progress, run meetings with the project teams and anticipate the workload for the weeks ahead.


Steering operations, monitoring your indicators, managing several sites, ensuring the operational implementation of your strategy...

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Step into the shoes of Pierre Manzet, Director of Operations at Smartfun, to find out how he oversees operations centrally. You can also follow the Europark project with him.


Switching to project mode, steering action plans, stimulating collaborative working, visualising results, managing meetings...

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Put yourself in the shoes of Laurène Ballard, from a local authority's General Services Department, and find out how she supports the transition to project mode. You'll also find out how she manages a specific project.

Quality and audit

Report incidents and non-conformities, identify processes at risk, manage corrective actions, facilitate certifications and audits...

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Quality and audit

Take the place of Yves Carpentier, Quality Manager at Medicpharm. Find out how Perfony can be used to report incidents, identify the processes most at risk, implement corrective actions and manage certifications and audits.

General Management

Digitalising the EXCOM, managing performance, making the best decisions, creating exclusive indicators, achieving strategic objectives...

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General Management

Put yourself in the shoes of Fabrice Legau, Managing Director, and find out how he translates his strategic objectives into operational actions and monitors their progress using customised dashboards.

A simple and user-friendly solution to manage your action plans and pilot your meetings?

They trust Perfony

The "all-in-one" manager's tool

Serving your team

Perfony is the all-in-one solution for managers looking to optimize their work and productivity.

Thanks to its intuitive and customizable features, it allows you to manage teams, track the progress of tasks and projects, and collaborate in real time with all stakeholders.

Whether you work from home or in an office, Perfony is the solution to stay connected and work efficiently wherever you are.

Try it for free now and see how we can help you reach your goals with ease.

Why use Perfony?

For all

A winning solution for all employees!

  • Saving of time
  • Reduced mental workload
  • Simplifying collaborative working

For managers

A solution for managers!

  • Stimulating collective intelligence
  • Trade development
  • Instant visibility of progress and risk areas

For organisations

A solution for your organisation

  • Faster project delivery
  • Better risk management
  • Data centralisation
  • Cognitive ergonomics

For the planet

A solution committed to the climate

  • Fewer emails
    (-10kg of CO2 /employee/year)
  • Reducing travel
  • Reduced time spent on video
    (-5kg of CO2 /employee/year)

Switch to collaborative mode for just 20 euros a month!

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Perfony, a tool integrated in your working environment

Whether you are used to Microsoft 365 or Google Worksplace, Perfony is integrated into your daily tools.

Microsoft 365
Google Workspace

Le complément Outlook


Intégration Sharepoint


Le complément Teams


Microsoft 365

Microsoft Partner for many years, Perfony has developed many interactions between the software of the Microsoft 365 suite: Teams, Outlook, Sharepoint, Onedrive...

Perfony also proposes to connect with your Microsoft login so you don't need to add an extra password.

  • Perfony action plans in Teams
  • Comment feed in Outlook
  • Synchronization of documents with Sharepoint and Onedrive
  • Synchronization of folders with Teams channels
  • Synchronization of meetings with Outlook
  • Single sign on

Google Workspace integration

Listening to its customers, Perfony offers many connections with your Google Workspace environment to gain in efficiency.

You can use your Google credentials to login to Perfony and limit the number of passwords.

  • Synchronization of documents with Google Drive
  • Synchronizing meetings in Google Calendar
  • Task sharing

Intégration Google Drive


Intégration Google Agenda


Intégration Google Doc