Work better together !

Effective meetings

Take control of your meetings, evaluate their effectiveness and we will find solutions to cure meetingitis, the scourge of organizations.

Dynamic action plans

Create, follow, monitor your actions. With Perfony, no more action plans will be lost, and it is our clients that say so!

Projects and folders

Organize your work in order to be more effective. Manage your files and projects in Perfony to modernize the way you work together.


Exclusive KPIs

Discover the true numbers of your business and your team: the number of action plans treated, how many are overdue, the time spent in meetings every month ... you'll be surprised.

Smart Messaging

No more mails that pollute your in-boxes. Communicate only with the people concerned, those that are most involved with your action plans, without sending emails.

UA team at your service

The quality of support and guidance are much appreciated by Perfony customers. We do all we can to help you to use the tool.

Rediscover Teamwork

Follow your action plans, control your meetings and improve your efficiency!

How much do your meetings cost?

Do you know how much time you spend in meetings? Are you able to evaluate the cost and level of performance?

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Do you suffer from « Meetingitis » ?

Are your meetings a mess ? Are the agendas created at random? Your action plans optional ? And you, do you suffer from « Meetingitis » ?

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Our solution

Perfony addresses the need to digitalise business.

It’s a tool for day to day teamwork, more powerful than a task manager yet much simpler than project management software.

Perfony is:

  • a management tool that standardizes the decison making process,
  • a modern and collaborative tool for managers,
  • a quality tool which enables you to meet ISO standards for the traceability of actions.
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Perfony is available on all your devices, fixed or mobile.

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