Boost your efficiency by using Perfony in Microsoft Teams


Integrate the best action management in Microsoft Teams

No additional passwords thanks to Single Sign On

Single Sign On allows you to log in without having to create and use an additional password. This makes Perfony easier to use and reduces the time spent finding the right password. Thus the integration is simplified thanks to SSO.

Clear action plans for each of your channels

Give a real action plan to your Teams channels by adding a Perfony tab in your channel. You will find all the powerful steering functions offered by a tool resolutely oriented towards operational excellence: deadlines, managers, priorities, etc., but also share actions with several contributors, quality assessment, etc.

Your personal to-do list, always accessible and always up to date


With Perfony’s “Personal Task” in Microsoft Teams, you’ll always know what you have to do.

Find on a single page, all your actions that may be scattered in several dozen different folders.

A simple and effective solution to better manage your priorities and share the progress of achievements.

One mobile application to do it all!

If you want to use Perfony on your mobile, you don’t need to download an additional application. You can access your Perfony directly in your Microsoft Teams application!

This makes it easier and better for you to use the tool. Navigating between Perfony and Teams becomes more than easy for anyone.

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One more thing

You have understood it, Perfony exists as an application integrated to Teams. But did you know that it is not mandatory to install this add-on to work on Perfony in Teams? (some ISDs may restrict access to the AppSource!)

It takes only a few clicks to access 100% of Perfony inside Teams.