Feedback from experience

Perfony is not an extra tool, but an indispensable one!

Bouygues Construction Privée

Bouygues Construction Privé is a general construction company that works on office structures for projects ranging from 20 to 200 million euros.

Their job is to guarantee high quality works with a triple objective:

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Propose a quality of life at work
  • Remain attractive to customers but also to talent!

On a daily basis, there are many meetings, with architects, subcontractors, teams, but also with clients, in order to organize actions and give meaning to the work of the employees.



The company

The client’s needs

What are the challenges of a successful construction site?

Meetings and associated actions managed individually, with outputs in different formats

Incomplete action plans, difficult to trace and too often not followed up on

A lot of time wasted by everyone

A demobilization of the teams

Head of Works Department
Bouygues Construction

What’s at stake

The solution implemented with Perfony

Convinced by the need to set up a dedicated tool, an initial solution was deployed, but it soon proved insufficient given the number of speakers, actions or themes. A more robust solution had to be found quickly.

The specification was to find a collaborative tool that would really save time for the employees, but also not too complicated to use because when you work on a 2-year project and you can’t spend 6 months in training!

To succeed, we must accept not to reproduce exactly our previous models, but on the contrary take advantage of Perfony to modernize our processes.
For example, the priority management system is good because it forces us to step back and ask the right questions.

You too, become the pilot of your building sites!

Try Perfony, it’s free and without credit card for 15 days!

Perfony, our clients talk about it best.


The benefits of Perfony to pilot a building site

Actions are entered directly, minutes are automatic and meeting preparation is super fast. We're stalling for time!

More relevance and time is gained from meetings.

The emails between us have finally diminished

We gain in fluidity: with the themes, we can sort by subcontractors, by batch, by manager... Everything is shared.

As a manager, it finally gives me a real visibility on the actions and the progress of the actions, as well as the workload of the employees and the actions that are overdue.

The action plans are secure and in the same place: no more lost actions in a mailbox or a post-it note.