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Why try Perfony?

Putting collective intelligence
into action!

Involve your teams in the success of your your projects and give them more autonomy.

Create your own custom fields to allow for relevant information relevant and adapted to your project.

Give a new look
on your work

Discover your projects like you’ve never seen them never seen them before thanks to the filter and filter and sorting systems, but also thanks to the different views : Gantt, Kanban, list, burn chart…

What if you run out? Well, create your own reports and share them!

Have meetings

Take back control of your meetings.

Collaborative agenda, shared responsibilities responsibilities, automatic creation of minutes, traceability of decisions and and actions… your meetings become a strong time for management!

Did you know that?

With its unique price of 15 euros per month and per user, Perfony is the cheapest solution on the market for comparable services and features!

Why pay more?

Small teams, association or student projects?
Discover our 0€ offer

A wide range of functionalities

Action planning

A simple collaborative planning solution to move projects forward as a team.

Project Management

Manage your projects, organize your files, visualize your actions in a Gantt chart or a Kanban view.

Decision support

Put collective intelligence to work to make the best decisions and transform them into concrete actions

Collaborative work

Create conversations conversations to exchange in your projects and share your work and deliverables without clogging up email boxes.

Process management

Build a library with your own custom process templates and use them wherever you want!

Intelligent reporting

Dictate your meeting minutes and automatically create the action plan and record of decisions to share with participants.

Customized reports

Add templates and custom fields to create original reports of your activities and projects.

Priority management

Determine at a glance what is urgent and important and reduce the mental load of your entire team.

Simplified integration

Available on Apple and Android mobiles, but also integrated with Microsoft M365 and connected to Google Suite.

Our clients speak best about it

What users say

Perfony is a real cockpit for managing action plans. All action plans are integrated and everyone sees what they need to see.


CSI, Bouygues Construction

A collaborative communication tool for our field sales forces allowing us to structure our sales actions and to manage them efficiently over time in complete transparency.

Laurent SUTTER

Digital Transformation Manager, BMW & Mini France

Perfony is a very good collaborative tool and easy to learn. It allows real-time sharing of actions both internally and with external work partners and contributes to the reduction of emails!


Regional Marketing Manager, Dentsu Retail

Frequently asked questions

Can I try Perfony for free?

It is of course possible to try Perfony for free for a period of 15 days. You can create your own account without any commitment, without any restriction and without credit card.

What happens after the trial period?

At the end of the 15-day free trial, you will have the option to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using the service. Our sales team will contact you to assist you and the information entered during the trial period will be kept for the time necessary to set up your account. However, if you do not wish to continue the experiment, your data will be deleted.

How does the billing work?

Billing is for the period from the date of subscription to December 31 of the same year. The price of the licenses is therefore calculated on a pro rata basis temporis. For subscriptions made on or after October 1, it may be agreed to extend the initial period to December 31 of the following year to simplify accounting.

Can I transfer a paid license to another person?

The licences are not nominative. So you can choose their allocation as you wish and make as many changes as you want.

How does my billing adjust if I add new members?

If the addition of new members results in a change in your billing, a supplemental invoice to your initial contract will be issued prorated for the time remaining until the end of the commitment period. time remaining until the end of the commitment period.

What payment methods are available?

Whether it is for a 1, 2 or 3 year commitment period, payment is made annually, in one go, upon receipt of invoice. It is possible to pay by bank transfer or by check.

A quarterly payment can be requested when the order form is formalized.

We will be happy to discuss any other payment methods with you if you request them.

Can I terminate my subscription at any time?

You can terminate your subscription at any time by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, 30 days before the end of the commitment period.

Your subscription will end at the end of the commitment period.

How does Perfony protect your data?

Perfony is very careful about the security of your data. For maximum security, we amounts partners from Microsoft which hosts your data in its datacenters in France. For more information on data processing, please see our privacy policy.

Do you have a free offer for small teams or work groups, students or associations?

There is a 100% free offer that allows you to use all Perfony resources, without user or time limit, to manage up to 3 folders. Discover the offer ” 3 free files “.

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