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Prodimed gains in performance with iPerfony


After 18 months of use, the company is improving the traceability of
its actions in a strictly regulated sector.

Meetings are a managerial tool that creates body and aligns employees in the same direction. For players in sectors subject to strict regulations, the efficiency of meetings and the traceability of the actions decided upon there are paramount.

This is the case of Prodimed, which markets single-use medical devices in
Europe and the United States. The company needed to improve the traceability of its decisions and increase the security of data shared in meetings. To face this problem, Prodimed called upon Perfony.

The company

The challenge of traceability

Prodimed is an international player that exports single-use medical devices to Europe and the United States. With three brands, CCD International, Plastimed, Oneshot, PRODIMED meets the demand of actors in various fields (gynecology, medically assisted procreation, intensive care, vascular surgery, stainless steel surgical instrumentation, etc.). All products benefit from and are subject to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, EU Label, FDA (USA) and SFDA (China) regulatory standards.

“In the highly regulated sector of the medical industry, traceability and production quality are paramount. We wanted to improve the traceability of data and processes while meeting the constraints of European and international regulatory standards.” explains Philippe Hemeray, CEO of Prodimed.

The company was looking for a solution to manage the action plans in a simple and clear way. Prodimed’s challenge was to improve the accessibility and transparency of the data shared in meetings: this data had to be available immediately, securely and confidentially. A problem that the innovative solution in Saas mode, iPerfony, allows to solve.

Major benefits

So far the data have been processed in a rigorous manner, but monitoring has left room for improvement. Most of the exchange of information, often in Word format, was done by email. Project and data tracking could appear opaque or even complex.

“The actions were already structured, but given the level of requirements we are subject to, we still had room for improvement. While the number of meetings has not decreased, they are now better prepared. iPerfony allows you to circulate the agenda in advance and the minutes are available immediately after the meeting. Prepared in advance, we respect the time allowed and everyone can measure the effectiveness of its actions. We have abandoned the use of Word and email to sharing data between meetings “, underlines Philippe Hemeray, CEO of Prodimed.

In July 2011, the iPerfony solution is implemented. Easy to use, the solution was quickly integrated by the 150 employees. The solution is used by all employees of the two Prodimed sites. Today, the actor makes an inventory of its functioning: actions are categorized by areas of activity; data confidentiality and security are preserved because iPerfony allows to monitor actions and decisions; between 10% and 30% of time saved on meeting time. The collaboration tool made it possible to instantly evaluate and visualize the performance of the meeting once it was over, according to very simple criteria.

“Perfony’s historical customer, Prodimed is involved in the constant improvement of the solution. The functionalities have been adapted during the 18 months of use of the software. And for good reason, our R&D cell is in permanent contact with the client. The updates are tailor-made to his needs, “ explains Luc Bonnin, Technical Director of Perfony. The Saas solution confirms its effectiveness in all sectors of activity.

The benefits

They liked it:

Improved traceability of data exchanged in meetings

They are immediately available in complete security and confidentiality.

Follow-up of actions and decisions between meetings

10 to 30% time saved on meeting time

About Prodimed

Prodimed develops single-use medical devices. With three brands, CCD International, Plastimed, Oneshot, Prodimed meets the demand of actors in various fields such as gynecology and medically assisted procreation, intensive care, anesthesia, resuscitation, etc. Prodimed exports its devices in Europe and the United States. The brands are established in more than 50 countries around the world and have 150 employees. The head office is located in Oise. The company has a second site in the Val d’Oise. The products are subject to the regulatory standards ISO 9001, ISO 13485, EU Label, FDA, SFDA.
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