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How do I manage the payment of providers while dividing by 100 the number of emails!

“- My supplier’s invoice is not paid!
– It’s normal you didn’t transfer me his RIB nor his order reference…
– They must have got lost in the mailboxes! “

Does this type of exchange sound familiar to you? Find out how our customers solve the problem with Perfony.


In our company, the purchasing department uses SAP.
But the big problem is that only purchasing people can access this tool and therefore the operational staff don’t know where their various purchasing processes stand.

We chose Perfony to serve as a reference interface between purchasing managers on the one hand and operational staff on the other, so that they can share the progress of a purchasing process without overwork.

Between phone calls, text messages, WhatsApps, skype or Teams, emails or discussions in meetings or even at the coffee machine, it became impossible to follow things seriously and employees in Purchasing felt like they were being harassed.

How do I give visibility to purchasing processes with Perfony?

  • We agreed on a common rule: each order corresponds to a Perfony action. We even came up with the idea of including the number of the Perfony share in the purchase order number. That way it’s really very easy to find your way around.
  • In this action, the operational staff will be able to put the different attachments we need: the RIB, the purchase order, the quotations, the invoices etc… all the documents are in the right place, not in a drive, or in emails, but attached to the action; the right info in the right place somehow.
  • As Perfony proposes a 5-step progress bar (20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%), we have agreed on a correspondence between these steps of progress and milestones in the purchasing process: for example, when the purchase order is validated by the hierarchy and added to the action, we pass it to 80% so in Purchasing we know that it is now up to us to order the payment. When it’s done, we go to 100% and the operations know that the supplier is paid.


“Perfony has become everyone’s gateway to the purchasing department. We hardly have any email anymore because everyone knows the procedure… and so everyone saves time.

Perfony is a win-win!”



A clarification of the process. A unique tool, accessible to everyone and everywhere, which centralizes the right information in the right place: no need to search on all media or GED.

Common reference

A common and shared reference: “if it’s in Perfony, it’s done. If it’s not there, then it’s not done”.


Excellent visibility on the current purchasing processes. Everyone can see where it’s at!

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