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How do I make my processes manageable and operational?

Find out how our customers use Perfony to give visibility to even the smallest processes, so that they can be truly piloted and made operational.


As an operational manager for a software publisher, I’m used to computer tools and I’ve tested a lot of them.

We use it to track the progress of development, we use Salesforce for the CRM part, but on the other hand, we lose a lot of time, visibility and energy for the support and management processes.

Email boxes are used as a steering and monitoring tool, but this information is drowned in the middle of exchanges and other subjects.

Implementing a new process management tool is complicated because teams don’t have much time to devote to it and feel they are being given an extra workload.

I discovered Perfony, a collaborative platform, whose structure allows you to architect process steps and make them operational with action plans.

How did we use Perfony with my teams?

  • In my Perfony space I create a folder equivalent to each process, for example “customer project support”.
  • I create subfolders by client.
  • I add as participants to the files all the necessary interlocutors, including clients when necessary. The free license for participants allows a maximum opening of the exchanges.
  • Each customer file is subject to a standard action plan that I create once and save as a template. Then, for each client, I call up the sample action plan. I fill in the deadline, and the whole GANTT is created automatically. All I have to do is fill in the roles and responsibilities.
  • The visual progress indicator per folder allows me to see at a glance which folders are moving forward, and which ones require special support.
  • For the regular review, I was able to put a checklist in the parent folder, which allows me to scan all topics without the risk of leaving a key action out.
  • For steering committees with clients, Perfony’s “meeting” module allows you to call up actions by folder or keyword, to structure an agenda and, above all, to generate in one click a meeting report grouping together the decisions taken and the progress of actions.

“With Perfony we know where we stand with every process. We don’t forget anything, and we all know where to get the right information.

The vision that Perfony gives us of our business allows us to truly run our business!”



A single tool for the piloting of all my secondary and management processes: no need to install and be trained in many different solutions.

All in one

I build the architecture of my processes as I want in Perfony, and I will have all the necessary elements at my disposal: actions, p.j., participants…


With the outlook addin I turn an email into action and put it in the appropriate part of the process. With the Teams tab, I open my action plan by folder directly in Teams at the same time as I make my visio with the team and the client.


I share the view of all or part of a process with the people involved who can interact in real time. The management of my processes is dynamic and in line with the operational reality of my activity.

Decrease in emails

The actions and exchanges related to the process managed under Perfony are done directly in the platform, at the right place and with the right people.


With the folder and sub-folder view and the associated indicators, I know directly whether any part of the process deserves more attention and at the same time, I am confident that no key action will be left adrift.

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