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How does Perfony help me to pass my Quality audits?

Discover how our customers use Perfony to organize the daily activity of the Quality department, but also to manage ISO certifications or annual audits.


In our Quality department we wanted to improve the efficiency of actions andmake quality operational on a daily basis.

In concrete terms, we had tried “business” tools, but we needed a tool that would not only simplify our audits, but also allow us to involve all employees in the process without increasing the workload.

It is with this double objective that we have chosen Perfony.

How did we use Perfony in our service?

I have set up a global file for the department, with sub-files corresponding to the different major subjects: safety, health, environment, risk analysis, audit (external or internal)… and in which we can create and manage actions.

I have created my periodic Quality Department steering meeting as well as appointments for each audit we have carried out in order to follow up on its progress.

During external audits, I simply add the auditors directly to the relevant file, since adding participants is free of charge.

Since our wish was to be able to involve employees from all over the company, I set up a “quality” tag that everyone can use in their own files, and which allows me to have a transversal visibility on this subject.

The multi-criteria filter allows me to bring up all the actions in the “quality” tag and to create favorites to visualize in one click the action plan I need.

For the annual audits, I have created an action plan template, which I duplicate and enrich year after year. That way I’m sure I don’t forget anything.

I also use the contributor function to bring quality actions down throughout the organization.

Perfony allowed to spread quality in all company departments. It’s no longer just about the quality department, but it’s really becoming a shared mindset.”



I have much more visibility on the actions in progress and those to be implemented.


I am congratulated by my listeners because my actions and decisions are perfectly traced!


The preparation time for audits is divided by 3 thanks to the models I created for myself!

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