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How do I improve the efficiency of my CODIR with Perfony, and I pilot the actions decided?

A CODIR is probably the most important body of the organization.

Its level of efficiency will often serve as a benchmark for other parts of the company. And yet, between the “lost” actions, the time lost in meetings, CODIRs also need good tools to gain in efficiency.

Discover how our customers use Perfony for their CODIR.


As Managing Director, it is important that the actions decided during our Management Committee do not remain wishful thinking. Time is speeding up, we all have to do more and more things.

The email boxes are saturated and it is indecent to lose a quarter of our meetings chasing the update of the actions we decided on the previous time.

It is also abhorrent nowadays to have to use post-it notes on boards to plan the work.

It was imperative that we change this situation and become more efficient, and that’s why we chose Perfony!

How is Perfony used in our CODIR?

  • When I presented our problem to our CIO, he first introduced us to TEAMS, Microsoft’s collaborative application already included in our version of Office 365 and we chose Perfony in their store as action plan tracking tool
  • We have linked our “CODIR” channel in Teams, and the folder of the same name on Perfony. We can find everything there: actions, comments exchanges and files.
  • At each CODIR meeting, we work directly in Perfony on Teams to record strategic decisions and update the action plan.
  • The editing of the meeting minutes is done automatically at the end of the CODIR, according to a template defined at the beginning of the project with the dedicated project team by Perfony. It can be distributed in 1 click to all participants.
  • As we wish to set an example, the previous meeting is quickly evaluated in order to initiate a cycle of continuous improvement.
  • The preparation of the next CODIR is extremely quick: just go back to the previous meeting, add a new date and update the agenda. One more click and everyone has it in their mailbox!
  • At each CODIR the action plan is complete and up to date. We can even find the status of an action plan as it was during a previous CODIR. It’s really very strong.

“No one wanted new software. So having a tool directly in Teams was really the ideal solution.

No new passwords, no duplication of information… it’s all unified, and it’s so much simpler!”



More efficient CODIRS, freed from low value-added tasks.


Automation that saves time and structures best practices.


Better shared, traceable and uniform information within the CODIR team.


Simple implementation and quick adoption thanks to integration in Teams.

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