What is OKR?

You may have heard the acronym “OKR” (Objective Key Result). Objectives and Key Results (OKR) are a performance management system used by many companies. Objectives represent the ambitious goals that the company or a team wishes to achieve, defining a direction to follow. Key Results are specific, verifiable measures used to assess and monitor progress towards these objectives. OKRs are designed to align teams, establish clear priorities and encourage a focus on the most impactful actions to achieve the objectives set.

OKR and Perfony

In Perfony, the Key Results are the actions, and the Objective is defined in a dashboard and groups together several actions

The new feature available from version 3.23 allows you to group actions together and measure their overall progress. All in a modular, shareable dashboard.

OKR for what?

If you have action plans scattered across several folders but all serving the same purpose.

If you have duplicated and scattered identical actions and want to measure their overall progress.

In just 10 minutes you can build your OKR dashboard and get a dynamically-updated summary, giving you access to all the details, with all the collaborative power of Perfony on actions.

More information on our academy: setting up an OKR dashboard