Version 3.22 of Perfony introduces a new intelligent assistant that will initially be able to help you perform any action or ask a question on a particular subject.

The Perfony chatbot uses OPEN AI technology via Microsoft Azure and the GPT3.5 model. This is yet another integration of AI into Perfony, with more to come next year.

It couldn’t be easier: click on the “Chat with your Perfony assistant” button.

A dialogue box opens and you can ask GPT for advice on your actions or projects [italic]

The volume of AI available with your account is limited to 16 million characters, which reset every month. For more AI, please contact and we will adjust your package according to your needs.

In its first version, the chatbot is NOT connected to our knowledge base (academy). So it won’t be able to answer questions about Perfony’s features (that’ll come in time). To do this, visit the academy as usual .