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Today’s tip provides answers to two concerns simultaneously:

  • Give a view on the action plan and the dependency of the actions between them (ie: I can’t start painting an element until it has been made)
  • Give a view on several action plans (ie: I asked my 5 points of sale to change the window display and I would like to know where they are).

We can also encounter cases where the two problems are combined (ie: I would like to visualize for each of the teams I manage the progress of the processes or projects they are working on). We will use this last case as an example, but it is possible to use the same procedure for all situations.

Why visualize the progress AND the dependency of the actions of several files?

So let’s imagine that we have teams spread over 3 agencies: Agency 1, Agency 2 and Agency 3, each of which must carry out a sequence of 5 actions, divided into 2 projects: Action A, B, C, for the ALFA project and Action D and E for the BETA project.

During the setup phase, your favorite Perfony project manager will certainly have suggested that you create a folder for each agency, and then a folder for each project you are managing to store the actions. This will result in a view that looks like this:

How to visualize the progress AND the dependency of the actions of several files?

To easily visualize all these actions, their progress and their dependency, you can get a GANTT view of all your files.

1/ select the parent folder, which contains your Agency 1, 2 and 3 folders

2/ choose the ” GANTT ” tab [FA GANTT]

3/ Activate the checkbox “View sub-folder actions”.

4/ extend the view for more comfort

And that’s it. You now have an extremely convenient view to see the status of all your agencies’ projects and also to see the dependencies between the actions.


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