Let’s talk about notifications. At Perfony, we’re not a big fan of alarms and notifications all over the place, because too many notifications kill notifications and there’s no point to them. We prefer to rely on visual management that leaves the initiative to the user rather than adding stress to stress.

But you have to admit that in the multitude of files we manage, it can be nice to have a little visual that alerts us when a file is falling behind schedule.

So here’s a handy new feature. In the folder information tab , click on “delay alarm” .

If your folder is running late, an alarm will appear next to the folder name in the left-hand tab. . A project is late if the actions are not completed as quickly as planned. This information is also displayed graphically in the burnup tab. of each folder: when the blue curve is below the red curve, the folder is late and the alarm is displayed in the folder.
Information about overdue folders is displayed in a new widget on the home page . You can choose to display it via the widget configuration menu .
Clicking on the widget displays the list of overdue files in the files menu, so you can act directly on them without having to sort them out from the others. This list of overdue files is also available at any time in the drop-down menu .