The action interaction zone contains a new icon that would almost go unnoticed: it’s a lock whose function is to make it impossible to change the wording of an action.

This is useful when an action is duplicated and spread across several folders. If you lock the name, you’ll be sure to be able to find them all in the search zone or in the brand new OKR dashboard, which calculates the overall progress of a set of actions.

For example, if you have a recurring monthly action, which is to carry out a site security audit, with Perfony you can

      • Define the recurrence and let Perfony manage the renewal of actions
      • duplicate the action identically at all the sites concerned, leaving the participants in the folders to manage them locally
      • Keep track of overall progress using an OKR dashboard

There are 3 levels of locks: no lock, lock on actions, lock on actions and sub-actions. For more information, visit the Academy