The possibility to use Perfony without leaving Microsoft Teams is not new (you will already find several tips on this topic!) and we have often highlighted the ” Perfony in Teams” add-on in different articles.

An overview of the add-on seems interesting to better understand all that can be done by combining Perfony and Teams.

1 unique complement for 3 possibilities

It is possible to add the ” Perfony in Teams” add-on to different locations in Microsoft Teams.

  • In the left menu
  • In the team channels tabs
  • In the conversation flows.

It is in fact the same component, but it will react in a specific way depending on the location where it is called and will therefore offer adapted functionalities.

The Perfony custom menu in Teams

This is the most obvious point of entry. It makes Perfony permanently available on your left menu in Teams and allows you to access Perfony data at any time, directly from Teams.

In this space, you will find your information under 3 tabs:

  • Your actions
  • Your files
  • Your meetings

My actions” tab

This is your personal action plan! You immediately access the list of actions you have to perform.

You can see the details of each action in the right pane and you can also add some in the add area at the bottom of the page.

My Files” tab

This tab gives access to your Perfony folders list.

In the right pane you will find all the usual features of the folders: action plan, document sharing, Gantt chart and Kanban view, dashboard etc…

In the action plan tab, it is of course possible to make the actions live and to add new ones thanks to the quick add zone at the bottom of the pane.

My Meetings” tab

Find here the list of your Perfony meetings!

You can also access detailed information about each meeting: schedule, participants, agenda, etc. to prepare for them.

If a meeting is in progress, you also have the ability to take the minutes, record the decisions made and update the action plan!

Custom tabs ” Perfony in Teams

It’s a slightly different way to collaborate effectively. It is about accessing your action plans directly from “Channels” in your “Teams” Teams.

In this tab, you will be able to find the file on which this team is working and link it to the channel in order to have a dedicated action plan per channel.

No need to search for actions in third-party applications or in more or less complex tree structures. The actions you collaborate on are immediately accessible.

The ” Perfony in Teams” messaging extension

This is a feature that is sometimes unknown to users and that is why it seems useful to present it again.

This element of the ” Perfony in Teams” add-on is accessible in all threads found in Teams: conversations with a person or group in the “conversation” menu, channel/team conversations, meeting conversations.

It allows you to create an action in Perfony without having to leave the conversation. Really handy for keeping track of your ideas!

To learn more about the ” Perfony in Teams” add-on, how to install it, how it works… go to the Perfony Academy or contact your Perfony project manager!