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The roles of the different users of Perfony

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Whether in actions, folders or meetings, some Perfony users can be assigned specific roles.


Several users can intervene or be affected by an action.

It goes like this:

  • The person in charge of the action : this is the person who is accountable to the reference decision-making body for the proper implementation of the action. He is not necessarily the one who will carry out the action, but he is the one who will have to account for its progress and successful completion.
  • Contributors : these are users, members of the file or not, who actively participate in the implementation of the action.

In addition to the users who are actors in the action, other users can follow the progress of an action even without being responsible for or contributors to it. It’s about:

  • All the members of a file to which an action is attached who can see its progress and make minor modifications.
  • As well as all holders of an “Executive” licence who can see the actions within their perimeter.

The folders

A folder gathers several users of a Perfony account. These users can have different roles corresponding to rights on the folder.

  • The ” Chairperson“: it is the user who creates the folder and makes it live. To be a Chairperson of a folder, it is therefore necessary to hold a “Pilot” licence. He has full rights to the folder.
  • “Co-chairperson”: co-chairperson are designated by the Chairperson from among the users who are members of the folder. They have the same rights as the Chairperson on the folder and can therefore make him live independently, even in his absence. To be a Co-chairperson, users must hold a “Pilot” licence.
  • Participants“: these are all the other users with access to the folder. To be a participant in a folder, you can hold any licence.

NB: the holder of a “Pilot” or “Executive” licence is not systematically the pilot of a folder; he may very well be a simple participant.

NB: participants with an “Executive” licence can change their role to pilot or co-pilot of the folder independently.

The meetings

In a Perfony meeting, users are brought together to create meeting minutes. A meeting in Perfony revolves around the agenda, document sharing, action plans and note-taking functions.

These users can have different roles in a meeting:

  • The “Chairperson“: he is the creator of the decision-making body. He is the one who invites the others to join the meeting. He has full rights to the meeting.
  • The ” Co-chairperson“: they are designated among the users added to the meeting to administrate this decision making body with the Chairperson. They have exactly the same rights as the Chairperson and can therefore act in his place. It is not compulsory to appoint co-chairperson.
  • “Participants “: these are all other users invited to the meeting. They can edit the minutes and documents, but do not have editing rights for the meeting (agenda, start, end, etc).

Reminder of the necessary licenses for the different roles in Perfony :

Collaborator Pilot Executive
Responsible OK OK OK
Contributor OK OK OK
Chariperson / Co-chairperson NO OK OK
Participant OK OK OK
Chairperson / Co-chairperson NO OK OK
Participant OK OK OK
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