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How can I make teleworking really productive and save my entire team travel time?

“- You never know if the employees are working for real!

This is what we heard too often from managers who felt they would lose authority if their teams were not physically present.

Setting up a collaborative tool helps everyone. The employees know exactly what actions to take and the progress of the files is easily monitored.

It empowers the teams and gives meaning to their work.


I am the head of sales for my company’s South East region. My job is to lead the sales force, which is mainly made up of franchisees. We work in almost permanent contact with marketing at the head office, but also with finance and after-sales.

For a long time now our organisation has been implementing teleworking; initially one day per week, but we have recently moved to two days with the implementation of the latest collaborative tools and the delivery of the new head office which paves the way for the “flexoffice”.

This new organisation is proving to be very useful in alleviating recurrent problems of transport or limitation of movements and everyone agrees that productivity has improved. This is in line with the latest study of the Ministry of Industry which shows that an employee teleworking is on average 22% more productive than an employee in the office.

How do I manage my work in the home office?

  • I’ve set up a place in my apartment which is “my office”. I have everything I need: my computer, a good internet connection and a comfortable chair, although I also like to make my calls while lying on the couch next to it.
  • In the team we have equipped ourselves with Teams of O365 which allows us to make video-conferences simply and with Perfony which allows us to note and follow the decisions we take.
  • In my Perfony space, I have all the actions I need to do but also those of the teams I can directly interact with.
  • At the end of the day with my manager, we have a “visio” on Teams and we open a Perfony tab. At a glance and in ten minutes, you can see the progress of the actions and have visibility on those to come. No need for the hour-long end-of-day meeting.
  • Nothing more is needed, with Teams and Perfony, I gather my actions, my meeting minutes, my files and all the exchanges.


“With Perfony, we don’t have a little boss on our backs.

We organize ourselves as we want, we are not infantilized and we feel that we are trusted.

It makes the work so much more enjoyable!”



I don’t have to endure the stress of commuting time, I can even take my son to school!


I don’t feel lonely because I am connected with the teams at headquarters and in the field via Teams and Perfony.


I am not disturbed unannounced by other colleagues or unscheduled meetings or noises in the corridors.


No more monotonous “motorcycle, work, sleep” monotony. I really enjoy meeting my colleagues when I’m at the office.


I feel responsible for what I do because I can show the progress of my actions.

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