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Whether they are for co-direction, quality monitoring or projects, meetings are a regular feature of CADIOU INDUSTRIE’s activity, the leading portal manufacturer in France. The company, which is posting excellent results, is more than ever in search of agility and for this reason wanted to improve the performance of its meetings and the follow-up of the resulting actions. To achieve this, CADIOU INDUSTRIE chose the iPerfony solution.

The company

Greater agility in meeting management

Founded in 1973, the family company CADIOU INDUSTRIE has become a reference in the manufacture of garden gates and fences and plastic boiler making. All of the company’s products are part of a desire for traditional manufacturing combined with technological innovation.

To meet the challenge of growth, CADIOU INDUSTRIE has identified a large reservoir of productivity improvement in its meetings. The objective was to improve practices and to re-engage participants.

Perfony was set up with 10 pilots, i.e. the solution was installed with each process pilot: production, marketing, development, logistics, supply chain… Then, each was able to develop the meetings of his department in the tool. The integration of iPerfony into the work habits of all employees has been gradual. CADIOU INDUSTRIE took the decision not to impose the use of the solution on all projects but to let the users make it their own.

The results are concrete: ” more focused meetings, with a maximum number of participants limited to 10 so as not to immobilize too many people at the same time. Stakeholders are also more mobilized and no more actions are lost, “ “.

iPerfony: a fundamental change in equity management

Another important issue was the follow-up of the action plans. When some are not addressed, or not discussed at the right meetings, they can tend to get lost.

“With Perfony, it allows you to bring up the subjects and make them apparent by permanence, until they’re processed. They are no longer diluted in the flow of shares. daily. We can bring them up at the right time, with the right people, at the right meeting.” said Terence Carpentier.

Towards better communication

The PDF export tool allowed to share reports and action plans with the Team Leaders in the workshops. ” In the end, this improved communication from the top down, but also from the bottom up, “” says Terence Carpentier.

The integration of iPerfony in the work habits of all employees has been done
gradually. CADIOU INDUSTRIE has indeed taken the decision not to impose the use of the solution on all projects but to let the users make it their own.

The use of the tool has enabled new working methods to be put in place and provides an incentive for improvement. “It’s very motivating for employees to see the action plan evolve and to know that their manager will see it too. At the same time, we have created an internal rule never to complete a task alone, but to wait until the next meeting so that everyone can validate the proper completion of the task. This is a good quality practice and it allows us to involve all the people concerned. In this way we respond to the performance problems we have identified”. explains Terence Carpentier, CADIOU INDUSTRIE’s Quality Safety Environment Manager.

The benefits

He liked it:

The right subjects, at the right time, with the right people.

Participants mobilized during the meetings

Better cross-functional but also bottom-up communication

Sustainability of good practices

Terence Carpentier

Quality, Safety and Environment Manager




A family company based at the tip of Brittany, CADIOU INDUSTRIE has been developing its know-how in the manufacture of gates and fences for professionals and private individuals for almost 40 years.
CADIOU INDUSTRY in figures :
– 270 employees
– 50,000 portals manufactured each year
– Sales 2012 / 2013: 32 million euros

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