Managing a budget

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In this use case, we will take the example of marketing expenses, but keep in mind that the custom field settings in your files will allow you to track and add up any numerical values!

We can imagine piloting the number of man-days necessary to complete a project, the fixed assets of resources or equipment, or even the revenues…

Contact your Perfony project manager to help you with this setup if you haven’t already done so!

Why add up expenses in an action plan

When you prepare a marketing action plan, you know that each campaign, each action, will result in an expense. If you want to stay within your budget, you must have a way to monitor your expenses.

It is therefore necessary to be able to quantify the cost of each action, and then to be able to add up these costs in one place to know where we stand.

How to add up expenses in an action plan

Put a figure on your actions

In your folder preferences, add a custom “Marketing Budget” field and set it to “Numeric”.

Apply the folder type to your folder that contains your marketing actions and make sure that each action manager completes this field.

Create your management dashboard

Go to “report” and create a new dashboard.

Add a new numeric type graphic indicator and in the list of proposed fields, select the one called “marketing budget”, then save.

And that’s it! You will always know where you stand with your expenses.

To go further: break down expenses by item

Perfony’s dashboards allow you to go even further by giving you the possibility to break down your expenses by cost item. For example, to find out how your different media budgets are distributed.

In your dashboard, create a new pie chart indicator. Choose “Marketing Budget” as the data source and the other custom field “Transaction Type” as the sorting item to get your broken down budget view.