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The ribbon

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The upper area of a Perfony space is called the “ribbon”.

It consists of 3 parts:

1 – Logo area
2 – Search bar
3 – Language management
4 – Permanent access to the knowledge base and to our customer support
5 – Parameters
6 – Notifications
7 – User settings and logging out

1 – The Logo area

The logo area displays the Perfony logo by default.
It is possible for paying customers to customize the logo to display your organization’s logo. To do so, contact support at

As on many web applications, a click on the logo will bring you back to the home page.


2 – The search bar

As its name suggests it is a space that allows you to search your entire iPerfony space. Its use is detailed in the “search bar ” of the knowledge base.


3 – Language management

By clicking on the flag, you can select the language in which you want your iPerfony space to be displayed.


4 – Permanent access to the knowledge base and to our customer support

By clicking on this icon, you can access :

– Our Youtube channel, where you can find explanatory videos on different Perfony features

– The Perfony Academy, where you will also find explanations about Perfony features

– Perfony support email and phone number, if you want to contact them directly


5 – Parameters

This icon allows you to access your company settings, change your logo, and import users, folders, actions and meetings into your iPerfony space.


6 – Notifications

Clicking on the bell will open your recent notifications.


7 – User settings and logging out

By clicking on your avatar or your name, you can access and modify your user information.

You can also set up email alerts and calDAV synchronization.

And finally you can log out of your space through this icon.

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