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Set up the « Perfony for Outlook » addin

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Presentation of “Perfony for Outlook” add-in

« Perfony for Outlook » is an additional feature (Add-in) that can be installed through Office Store to allow you to perform certain operations on Perfony without leaving your Outlook mailbox.

This add-on is available for all Outlook and Office 365 users. It can be installed in two ways:

  • by your Office 365 administrator who will make it available to all company Outlook accounts.
  • By each user with sufficient rights with regard to his Office 365 account

Install the addin

  • Fo a global implementation by the administrator, please contact our technical service for assistance (
  • For a personal installation, just follow the instructions below.
    1. Open Outlook
    2. Click on the orange icon of Office Store.
    3. Look for « Perfony for Outlook » in the list of available add-ons. To do this you can use the small search engine at the top right of the screen and click on »Install ».
    4. A »Perfony » icon should have appeared in the row of icons in your Outlook. Click on it to create the link between your Outlook email and your Perfony account using your login details.

There you go.

To find out more about the features of the « Perfony for Outlook » add-on, we invite you to consult the heading « using the add-in».

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