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The meeting minutes are a key element in ensuring the traceability of decisions. But sometimes it is necessary to go even further in the commitment of the participants.

Why sign the minutes of a meeting?

All meetings must be minuted if an activity or a team is to be seriously managed. But some meetings that are formal in nature must also have their minutes signed by the participants present in order to make them enforceable.

This can be the case for a General Assembly for example, a CHSCT etc… Perfony now offers you this possibility.

How do I sign the minutes of a meeting?

Open the meeting that requires a signed report via the “meeting” menu, then click on the export icon.

In the selector that appears, activate the choice “Participants’ signatures”.

In the PDF file thus created, the emargement fields will be added, only for the participants declared as present at the meeting.

It’s up to you now!

Do you have any idea how much meetings cost your company?