Filter actions to create your own action plans

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Display the right information at the right time. This is our obsession at Perfony.
Today’s tip will help you display the actions you want, all the actions you want, only the actions you want.
In short, you will create YOUR action plan.

Why create customized action plans?

Whether it’s for a one-time need or a frequent consultation, your plan of action is not necessarily that of your collaborators. It is therefore necessary to be able to customize it according to your own criteria.

How to create your own action plans with the advanced action search?

In your Perfony workspace, choose the “actions” menu , open the drop-down menu to select “Search” (.
On the page, click on the icon ( ) to open the search window.

You now have access to an extremely advanced stock filter system.
In the upper part ( you can search for all actions containing a specific word or a particular sequence of characters.
The second part ( you can apply all the filters you want to build THE action plan you know you need.
If necessary, you can delete these

With the bookmark system (), feel free to create as many action plans as you want!!!