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The best way to understand the Perfony tool is to try it out for yourself!

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Manage your folders in Perfony… it’s free!

5 folders for 0 euros


Since our goal is to make your life easier, we were never going to create a complicated billing system. So with Perfony it’s easy, you can manage 5 folders for free: 

  • No user limit
  • No storage limit
  • No limit on the number of actions
  • No time limit 

More users in your Perfony… it’s free

Perfony is a team-based tool, so the added value of the tool lies in the connection with your team members. Therefore, the aim is to add as many employees as possible to create a new and sustainable organization.

That’s why with Perfony you can add as many users as you want, members of your team of course, but also suppliers for example, or customers, or anyone you may have to work with. You can add users when you first set up the tool, or at specific times later when you need them… it’s simple and effective.

At Perfony, only the manager roles require a paid licence.

“Testing Perfony on your own is like going to Facebook without adding friends.”

Access all the features of Perfony… it’s free

Do you need to manage more files?

Try Perfony Unlimited for two weeks!

You are free to create as many folders, users, actions, meetings as you wish.

And of course, you have access to:

  • 100% of the features
  • The online application
  • Mobile applications
  • The Teams and Outlook addins
  • And all the connectors….

Perfony is

An ecosystem designed for managers at a reduced price

Pilot Licence

The pilot licence is reserved for people managing the different projects of your company who need to be able to follow and manage all the folders. When you buy a licence, all Perfony tools are included in it such as the Perfony extensions for Outlook and Teams, our mobile application…

Participant Licence

To simplify and encourage teamwork within your company, you can create and add as many users as you like, free of charge. All Perfony tools are included in each licence.

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Using Perfony

Why use it?

Perfony is a solution that can be used with an unlimited number of people, even people from outside your company. In a company, it is necessary to have at least one Pilot user in order to manage your entire IPerfony space. You can then create as many users as you want to interact in your space free of charge..


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Perfony takes care of installing the software in your organization and advises you so that the solution is the most appropriate for your needs.


Because getting started with Perfony may seem difficult, we take care of integrating your existing projects into your IPerfony.


In order for your teams to get to grips with the software quickly, Perfony supports you with their initial and long-term training.

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