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A user is anyone who has an account in a Perfony space.

Users can have different roles in actions, meetings or folders, depending on the license assigned to them by the space administrator.

Licenses can be modified at any time by contacting either your Perfony administrator or your Perfony sales representative at

There are three licenses:

  • Collaborator
  • Driver
  • Executive

The “Collaborators” license

Collaborator licenses are free and unlimited.
Holders of a “Pilot” or “Executive” license have the possibility to add as many new users as they wish, these new users will have a “Collaborator” license by default.

The “Pilot” license

This licence is usually awarded to team managers.

In addition to the opportunities offered to “Collaborators”, it allows its holders to :

  • Create folders with no limit on the number of folders
  • Create meetings with no limit on the number of meetings
  • Access to specific statistical data of their teams

The “Executive” license

Usually awarded to the highest officers of organizations, the “Executive” license combines the rights of “Collaborator” and “Pilot” in addition to those of “Associate” and “Pilot”:

  • The transversal view on all the files in the space (except private files and personal todo list)
  • The transversal view of all meetings
  • The view on the totality of the actions of the space
  • Exclusive statistics on the activity in the entire space
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