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Perfony and OneDrive

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For Office 365 users, it’s possible to link a Perfony space with OneDrive in order to add documents in Perfony directly from Microsoft Drive.

How to connect OneDrive and Perfony

No adjustments are necessary by users, but the assistance of your technical administrator is essential. They will have to declare the Perfony application in the Office 365 system to allow them to establish a connection with OneDrive.

Once this step is completed, he/she will need to provide Perfony with the ID assigned to the application.

How do I use OneDrive using Perfony?

Once authorisation has been given by your administrator, its use is completely seamless for users.

Go to any page of a meeting, action or folder in the « attached document » section, then click on the small arrow to the right of the Add document button to bring up the drop-down menu.

The available choices appear in black so you can choose « OneDrive ». Navigate to choose the document you want, and then save!

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