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What is a folder in Perfony?

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In Perfony, a folder is much more than just an organisation of data. This is the heart of your collaboration, a place where actions come to life and ideas take shape. Think of it as a virtual meeting room where you can invite the people involved to contribute, exchange ideas and move forward together towards a common goal.

Each folder represents a specific project, initiative or topic, and is designed to be the focal point for all related activities. Actions are the building blocks of this file, the steps to be taken and the tasks to be completed to achieve your goal. Each action is carefully placed in the corresponding folder, ensuring that your work is clearly and logically organised.

But a folder goes beyond simply organising actions. It also embodies collaboration and information sharing. By inviting participants to join a folder, you create a space where ideas circulate freely, where everyone’s contributions are valued and where progress is made collectively.

The folder icon is much more than an image. It’s the symbol of Perfony’s structure and collaboration. This is where it all begins, where ideas take shape and projects become reality. It’s the place where you can see your goals being achieved before your very eyes.

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