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Definition and access

Perfony Training is the self-training platform for Perfony features. You can access it directly from your iPerfony account in the Help menu. You don’t need any additional login and password, the platform will automatically recognise you as you will be connected to your Perfony account.

There are 3 levels of courses to help you understand and perfect your use of Perfony, depending on your needs and licence. You don’t have to take all the courses at once. You can stop and resume whenever you like. The lessons are in video format and last between 1 and 2 minutes. At the end of each section, a simple quiz will allow you to self-evaluate the knowledge you have acquired.

You will be directly connected to Perfony-training to follow the courses. Please note that courses must be taken in the order shown. Once you’ve seen them all, you can move on to the course of your choice.

Link to the “my profile” widget

As you progress through the courses, the stars in your “My profile” widget will fill in, showing you your skill level, which you can even share with your LinkedIn network in one click.

You’ll see that it’s also possible to access perfony-training from the widget.

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