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Perfony and Google Drive

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It is possible to link Perfony and the Google Drive of an organization to access it directly from a Perfony space.

How to connect Google Drive and Perfony

Installing the Google Drive connector on Perfony first of all requires you to be a Google services user, and secondly, the involvement of the Google account administrator of your company.

They have to declare Perfony as an approved application and provide our technical services with a Client ID and an API Key that will make SSO connection possible.

How do I use Google Drive via Perfony?

No action needs to be carried out for set up other than the one described above for the Google administrator. As a user, once the service is connected, its use is completely seamless.

In a meeting, action or folder page, go to the « attached document » section, then click on the small arrow to the right of the « Add document » button to bring up the drop-down menu.

The available choices in this menu appear in black so you can choose « Google Drive ». Navigate to choose the document you want, then save!

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