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Objective and creation of a group

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From the left-hand side menu, the ‘Groups’ function is where you can define and manage folder templates and the users with whom you want to share them.

A folder template is a set of parameters used to customise the functionality of a folder:

  • Folder themes
  • Fields of action
  • Interaction between sub-action and action
  • Rights of participants in your folder on actions

1/ Access to the “Groups” menu

To access the “Groups” menu, you need a “Pilot” or “Executive” licence. To access a group in the list on the left, you must be a member. To be able to modify it, you need to be a manager.

If you do not have access to the “Groups” menu or to a particular group, please contact your Perfony contact in your organisation or contact support:

2/ Create a group

Click on “+ New group” to create and name a new group. This gives you a space in which you can create, manage and share your own folder templates.

In the right-hand pane you can also create a subgroup
which will use its parent group’s models but may have its own.

3/ “Groups” menu functions

From the right-hand pane, you can create a new component in the group

To view or modify a component that has already been created, use the tabs showing the list of components.

In a group you can :

    • create and manage participants
    • create and manage sub-groups
    • create and manage custom themes for folders
    • create and manage custom fields for actions
    • manage user rights on actions
    • create and manage folder templates
    • see the list of dashboards shared between group members
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