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Modify the progress of an action

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Changing the progress of an action is possible at any time for all members of the file to which the action is attached, although it is more usual for each manager to update the progress of his or her own actions.

The progress of an action is updated by dragging the cursor on the completion bar.

This completion bar includes the following graduations:

  • 0% for actions not started
  • 20% – 40% for actions of which half have not yet been completed
  • 60% – 80% for actions more than half completed but not yet finished
  • 100% for completed actions.

It is possible to go back at any time, either in case of an error in the progress update, or in case of corrections to be made to the correct execution of an action which implies resuming part of the work.

You will keep track of these changes in the ” action histor y ” tab .

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