How to add Perfony in Teams, and join an existing account?

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The use of the “Perfony for Teams” tab is reserved for Office 365 users.

How to install the Perfony add-in

1/ Open Microsoft Teams in a browser or directly from the application installed on your computer.

2/ Select a channel, from one of your teams (“Teams”) and on the right side of the page, click on “+” next to the default tabs, “Conversations”, “Files” and “Wiki”:

3/ In the window that opens, select “Perfony”.
You can do this by using the search engine at the top right of the window:

Warning: special case for users with multiple Perfony accounts with a single email address!

If you have more than one Perfony space with the same email address, select the account you want to add:

4/ Now, while still in Teams, sign in to your Perfony account (with your Perfony IDs and not your Office365 IDs):

it is done!

Another way to install the Perfony add-on and view your “Personal tasks”


In addition to custom tabs, you can also add “Perfony” using the “apps” menu at the bottom left of your screen to add a specific view of your personal action plan:

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