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Create and manage group members

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To be a member of a group, you need a “pilot” or “executive” licence. Being part of a group allows you to :

    • As a member: use the folder templates defined in the group for your own folders.
    • As a manager: be able to create, use and share folder templates with other members.

1/ Add a member

The “add a member” icon opens a pop-up window where you can :

    • Add a user by entering the first few letters of their name.
    • Define your role (member or manager).
    • Add it to the group by clicking on “add”.

If you can’t find your user in the drop-down menu that appears, either your user is already in the group (check the list below), or he’s not in Perfony (in which case contact your Perfony administrator).


2/ Modifying a group member

The “member” icon in a group displays all the members present in the group.

Select the member to be modified

A popin will open, where you can :

    • Change the member’s role (manager or not).
    • Delete the user from the group (this does not delete the user from Perfony, they will just no longer have access to the folder templates in this group).
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