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Add, modify and delete themes in a folder

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Adding, modifying and deleting one or more themes in a folder is possible at any time, but only to the drivers and co-drivers of a folder.

1/ Adding themes to a folder

In order to classify your folders, you can use the custom fields to assign themes to them.

To do this, open the page of an already created folder and go to the general information tab.

Click on the blue value next to “Theme 1”, “Theme 2” or “Theme 3” to switch to “edit” mode.

Fill in the field with your own theme, or use the drop-down menu to select an appropriate theme.

Validate by clicking on

2/ Modification of a theme

To modify a theme, just follow exactly the same procedure as the one presented for adding a theme.

Change the theme value, and validate.

3/ Deleting a folder theme

To delete a theme, follow the same procedure as a 1/ or 2/ then simply delete the previous value and leave the field empty, then validate.

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