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The search bar

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Its use has been simplified as much as possible to save you the most time.

It allows you to search exclusively for a file, an action, a meeting or a decision by name.

When you enter the first 3 characters, a list of choices is displayed below the input field.

The results are presented classified by category (files, actions, meetings, decisions) and are identified at the beginning of the line by their respective icons.

Closed actions and archived folders appear grayed out but are still displayed and accessible.

Simply click on the desired item to access it directly.

If no result matches your entry, the list of choices does not appear below the input field, and a red sign with an exclamation mark indicates no possible result.

Please note: the search is only carried out on the name of files, meetings, actions or decisions. It does not take into account comments, descriptions, file memo or attachments!

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