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Add, modify or delete members of a folder

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Only the pilots and co-pilots of a folder can modify the list of participants.

To do so, select a folder in the list of your folders and go to the “Participants” tab.

Add a member to a folder

In the footer, enter the name of a new user.
As soon as you enter the first 3 characters, you will see a list of choices among which you will find the name of the desired person.

Specify its role (co-pilot, manager or member), then validate.

If the person you want to add is not already registered in your Perfony space, no problem. Click on the “Create a new user” icon to add him/her.

Create a new user” icon

Remember that adding users with the collaborator license is totally free and unlimited!

Once the user is added, specify his role with the drop-down menu and validate.

Modify the role of a member of a folder

Select the concerned member by clicking on its box in the list of members of a folder.
Click on the edit icon below its name.

It will appear in “edit” mode at the bottom of the page.

Use the drop-down menu to modify its role and then validate.

Delete a member from a folder

In the same way, select the member concerned by clicking on its box in the list of members of a folder.
Click on the delete icon below its name.

A validation window will allow you to confirm your choice.

It is always possible to add back a member who was mistakenly removed from a folder.

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