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Comments are very present in Perfony.

The objective is to be able to bring relevant information where it can be useful rather than in an email that will come to overload the mailboxes already too full and out of any context.

That’s why in Perfony it’s possible to add comments to files, actions or meetings you are involved in.

Identify comments

This icon shows you the comments.

  • The bubble is empty if no comments have been posted.
  • It is full if at least one comment has been added
  • A red dot indicates the presence of new comments since your last connection and their number is indicated in figures.

Features of the comments

Comments are simple texts that have no formatting and cannot include an image. With a comment, 2 pieces of information are systematically shared: the name of the person who posted the comment and the date and time.

It is not possible to put a comment on :

  • An archived or deleted file
  • A closed or deleted action
  • A closed or cancelled action

Note that comments can be edited and deleted by their authors.

Note: You can access the new comments from the home page using the New Comment s module of the dashboard.

Note 2: It is possible to be alerted when new comments are received. To do this, go to the Preferences menu of your alerts of the dashboard.

Note 3: If you enable email alerts for new comments, we strongly recommend that you discover the Perfony add-in for Outlook which will save you precious time!

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