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Since our goal is to make your life easier, we weren’t going to create a complicated billing system. So with Perfony it’s easy, you can manage 5 folders for free:


  • No user limit
  • No storage limit
  • No action limit
  • No time limit

More users in your Perfony… it’s free

Perfony is a collaborative tool. It is therefore in the relationship with your team members that the added value of the tool lies. The objective is therefore to add a maximum of collaborators to create a virtuous organization.

That’s why with Perfony you can add as many users as you want, members of your team of course, but also suppliers for example, or customers, or any person with whom you will have to collaborate. The addition can be done at the creation, or at the precise moments you need it… it’s simple and it’s efficient.

At Perfony, only the manager roles require a paid license.

“Testing Perfony on your own is like going on Facebook without adding friends.”

Access to all the features of Perfony… it’s free

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You are free to create as many folders, users, actions, meetings as you wish.

And of course, you have access to:

  • 100% functionality
  • The online application
  • Mobile applications
  • Teams and Outlook addin
  • And all the connectors…

Perfony is

A low-cost ecosystem designed for managers

Pilot License

The pilot licence is reserved for the people managing the different projects of your company who must be able to follow and pilot all the files. When you buy a license, all Perfony tools are included in it such as the Perfony extensions for Outlook and Teams, our mobile application …

Participant License

To simplify and encourage collaboration within your company, you can create and add as many users as you want for free. All Perfony tools are included in each license.

Would you like to know more about the billing method?

Using Perfony

Why use it?

Perfony is a solution that can be used with an unlimited number of people, even outside your company. In a company, it is necessary to have at least one Pilot user in order to manage all your IPerfony space. You will then be able to create as many users as you want to interact in your space and this for free.

Contrary to most solutions, Perfony does not require a paid license for each user in order not to limit the number of users and thus allow everyone to collaborate more efficiently.


Our rates

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Perfony “Business”

At Perfony, only the managers pay!
Compose your own package according to your organization.

Estimate your perimeter

Thanks to our exclusive subscription system, it is possible to add as many participants as you wish in your environment, without incurring any expense. From experience, we have found that there is an average of 6 to 10 participants for 1 pilot, but any organization is possible.

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Perfony with you

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Perfony accompanies you


Perfony takes care of deploying the software in your organization and advises you so that the solution is the most adapted to your needs.


Because starting Perfony can seem difficult, we take care of the integration of your existing projects in your IPerfony.


In order for your teams to quickly take control of the software, Perfony accompanies you in their immediate training and then over time.