Monday, November 22, 2021, Perfony releases its latest update. Focus on two major new features.

There are two principles that guide each of our developments: keep it simple and visual. And the evolutions of this version 3.4 fit perfectly with this philosophy.

A new dashboard for your business

The most visible change that will be obvious the next time you log in will be the modification of your Perfony homepage and the redesign of the widgets. In a logic of visual management, the widgets will now display a signal for which everyone will be able to get the details by clicking on it.

It is of course always possible to set up the widgets you want to display and organize them on the page by simply clicking and dropping.

More relevant widgets

All the widgets have been redesigned and you will also discover that some new views have been added to bring you a new look on your activity and your actions:

  • Sleeping stocks (stocks that have not changed in the last 3 months)
  • Incomplete actions
  • Follow-up actions (which we will see a little further down)
  • My status
  • Number of meeting hours per month

A more visual display

The display has been simplified as much as possible to give you immediate access to key information. The details will be displayed by clicking on the widget.

Follow-up actions

It was already possible to create many types of bookmarks in Perfony (meetings, folders, action plans), and now it is also possible to track actions that are important to you by the classic flag.

You will then be able to find them easily, directly from the home page and the “tracked actions” widget but also in the filters of your action plans (tracked actions)

A very practical way to keep an eye on key actions!