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On Tuesday June 15th, Perfony released its latest update. Focus on two major new features!

One of Perfony’s goals is to give visibility! (see here what our users think about it!) That’s why we pay a lot of attention to the simplicity of use and the readability of displays.

A “Calendar” view for your meetings

If by default your meetings are displayed as a list, which allows you to sort and filter them as you wish, a calendar view is certainly more usual. But it wasn’t just a matter of refreshing the display, we wanted to give it additional features that would make your life easier and save you time.

In the same spirit as the “Folders” or “Actions” pages, we continue to use a 2-panel layout to give you, at a glance, a view on your agenda, but also on all the details of a meeting.

Simplification of the allocation of rights on files

It is a discreet feature, but with great added value that will save managers a lot of time. For “Executive” license holders, it is now possible to control the rights of a user on all folders from a single page.

Simply choose a user from the main “Users” menu and go to the “Folders” tab in the right-hand pane to find all of his or her rights and modify them if necessary.

This is an extremely useful feature when you are transferred or when a new employee joins a project or a team.