Do you know the cost of your meetings?


Did you know that in a company of 200 people, if each person spends 2 hours a week in meetings, the cost to the company at the end of the year will be more than one million euros?

How about you? Do the math!

Meeting Frequency Duration Participants Annual Cost* ($)
Name of your meeting Periodicity In hour(s) Number of people Cost of your meetings in Euros

How is the cost of your meetings calculated?

To make this calculation, Perfony bases itself on an average hourly cost, including salary and social charges, which is established as follows
  1. According toINSEE the average net monthly salary of executives in 2015 is €4141 and for intermediate professions it is €2271.
  2. In our clients’ meetings, on average 75% of the participants are executives and 25% are in intermediate professions, which allows us to determine an average net monthly salary for those who are in meetings of 3674 euros.
  3. We add 82% of charges to have the total cost for the company: 6 687€ monthly charged.
  4. On the basis of 35 hours per week there are 1607 hours of work per year (Source

This makes an hourly cost of 49,93€.